We Provide Solutions to Your Construction Needs

If you love your home or the location of your home, you may want to remodel instead of going through the hassel of moving. We can help make your current home fit better by adding on, inclosing a carport or garage, or finishing your attic or basement. If your home is out of date a kitchen, bathroom, or whole house renovation may be the answer.


Remodeling is very rewarding, but it also presents some very unique challenges. We have extensive remodeling experience, and we are ready for those challenges. Some of our qualifications:

  • Knowledge of current and past construction materials and methods

  • Experience with potentially hazardous materials such as lead paint and asbestos

  • Certified by the EPA as a "Lead Safe Contractor"

Remodeling involves sharing a construction site and your living space. We take great care to protect your property and maintain a clean job site. In many ways you are married to your contractor during a remodeling project so be certain you choose one with a record of dependability, reliability, and integrity.