We Provide Solutions to Your Construction Needs

The foundation is the most important part of a building. Without a solid foundation the integrity of the building is compromised and the structure is unstable. Many contractors minimize the importance of the pre-construction phase or skip it altogether. This is comparable to building without a foundation. Thorough planning is more time consuming in the beginning but can save time and money in the long run. Like a building foundation, our pre-construction services help to ensure a successful project.


We provide design services in house or we can work with your architect or designer. During the design phase we work with you to put your ideas on paper. This process often reveals new or alternative ideas and catches problems before they happen. Our design software allows us to produce high quality three dimensional renderings and elevations to help you visualize the design.


Selecting finish items is an exciting part of the pre-construction phase. Picking these items out in advance helps create a more accurate price estimate and can help avoid delays in the case of items purchased online or special order items. There are many decisions to make in a building project. From paint colors to plumbing fixtures, from flooring to roofing, determining these in advance can help make the project run smoother and finish sooner.


There are two primary types of contracts in the building industry. They are referred to as Cost-Plus and Fixed Price contracts. The cost-plus contract is an agreement where the client is billed the cost of the project plus a mark-up amount. There are two problems with this type of contract, the first is the contractor has no incentive to lower the cost or to finish early. It is in the contractors best interest to increase the cost and prolong the project. The second problem is the lack of an established price ceiling so there is no guarantee of the final cost. We perform a detailed estimate of each project and provide a fixed price contract. This method requires more work up front but gives our clients a greater amount of certainty.