Our Strategy for Success

Strategy: (noun) - A plan designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be in the best possible way.

An old saying in construction is "Measure twice, cut once." In order to minimize mistakes and maximize quality we measure twice from the beginning. We take a systematic approach to each project, and follow these fundamental aspects of strategy:

  1. Understand Where You Are
  2. Clarify Where You Want To Be
  3. Assess Any Obsticles
  4. Specify A Course of Action
  5. Maintain The Correct Course of Action

Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation we begin the process by evaluating the current sitution and establishing the end goal. We typically meet at the site of the project for the initial consultation in order to better understand the scope of the project.


During the design phase plans are drawn and interior and exterior finishes are specified in order to clarify the details of the project and eliminate miscommunication. From years of experience we have learned that without proper plans and specifications unmet expectations often result.


After the design phase is complete, we perform thorough calculations to assemble an accurate estimate. We use a method of estimating called a quantity take-off. This method is more time consuming but far more accurate than square foot estimates, and provides less risk and uncertainty than a cost-plus agreement.


When an agreement is reached and the contract is signed, we provide a project manager to oversee each job. The project manager ensures that the project stays on schedule and on budget. All material, labor, and sub-contractors are coordinated by the project manager, and building inspections are scheduled to make sure all building codes are met. In order to create consistent quality and maintain the correct course of action, each project manager follows the same system.